A light, impalpable caress: an essence, a place, an emotion. Not an image that brings back memories, but a melody. A symphony of sounds springing from the passion of a musician, a faint whisper composed not of words, but of notes.
Then, a light fragrance brushes against me, envelops me all at once, transports me back into the past, spanning moments that resurface in my mind. The musky aroma of a tree in the African scrub; the intense smell of a stand at a Doha market; the dried salt along the cliffs of Portofino; the skin of someone I happened upon just for a second.
An essence, a place, an emotion, delivered by a fragrance that, as if by chance, brushes against me and opens me up to memories, as if cradled by a melody.
Notes and fragrances blend together and melt into one, like a unique essence that takes me back in time to those moments when, even if just for a moment, I rested, body and soul.
I close my eyes. There’s no need to see. Music and fragrances are my world.

Linea Profumi - Sinfonia di Note